Corona and your treatment

CPI Amsterdam has resumed treatments

Do you have an appointment or would you like to make an appointment? Please allow us to inform you about the conditions and mutual expectations regarding your treatment;

Conditions required to undergo treatment

Whether or not we can (re)start your treatment dependents on a number of conditions. These conditions are necessary for your own safety, the safety of our other visitors and the safety of our employees.

We are unfortunately forced to postpone your treatment if you can answer YES to any one of the questions:

  • Do you have corona at this moment?
  • Have you had corona less than 2 weeks ago?
  • Do you currently have roommates / family members with corona?
  • Do you have roommates / family members who have had corona in the past 2 weeks?
  • Do you have any of the following symptoms that are consistent with corona: cold, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, tightness, fever (over 38 c)?
  • Do you have roommates / family members with these symptoms?
  • Are you in home- or self-quarantine?
  • Do you live in a nursing home or institution for people with intellectual disabilities?

We ask you this general question as an overall check; are you generaly healthy and do you currently feel healthy?

If you are already known at the CPI, your practitioner will first check whether you categorize as a risk patients, based on your medical history. If you are marked as a risk patient, we will contact you to discuss this with you and to reschedule your appointment.

People with an increased risk are patients with:

  • a higher age (70+)
  • abnormalities and functional disorders of the airways and lungs (asthma, cystic fibrosis)
  • a chronic heart disease
  • diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
  • a serious kidney disease leading to dialysis or kidney transplantation
  • a reduced resistance to infections and / or medication for:
    • autoimmune diseases
    • after organ transplantation
    • for haematological disorders (blood diseases)
    • immune and congenital immune disorders requiring treatment
    • chemotherapy and/ or radiation in cancer patients
    • an untreated HIV infection
    • an immune suppressant medication such as corticosteroids.


If you have an appointment for a first visit or if you already have an appointment and you have not initially been identified as a risk patient, we will contact you by telephone and we will go through the aforementioned health questionnaire with you.

If you are healthy and you have no objections, your appointment will continue as planned.

IMPROTANT: We clearly indicate per email at which address location you are expected (#209 or #294). We kindly ask you to go directly to the location where your appointment will take place.

  • We will send you a confirmation of the appointment via e-mail with again the correct location and all necessary information;
  • After registering at the correct location, you can take a seat in one of the waiting room chairs. These are seperated at the required distance;
  • During a first visit to the CPI: for safety reasons, we request that you return the enclosed medical questionnaire digitally. If you are not abled to do so, take the completed questionnaire with you and hand it, with your health insurance card and id card, via a special tray at reception;
  • There is no wardrobe. We request that you keep your jacket and belongings with you;
  • After you have been called up, we will ask you to disinfect your hands at the designated areas;
  • You and we keep sufficient distance from each other¬†(as much as possible);
  • We don’t shake hands;
  • After you have been called up and cleaned your hands, the use of your mobile phone is prohibited;
  • Before starting treatment you will be asked, as an extra safety measurement, to rinse with two different rinsing aids;
  • Try not to touch your mouth, eyes and nose;
  • If you need to pay directly for your treatment we prefer to see payments via PIN;
  • The sale of interdental brushes is posible but we prefer to see payments via PIN.

Extra measures undertaken by us: what you can expect from us

As an oral healthcare provider we have a hands-on profession. As a result of this we have always been aware of the importance of hygiene and infection prevention measures and therefor work in accordance with strict regulations and guidelines. In addition to these already applied hygiene and infection prevention measures, extra regulations and guidelines measures have been taken to guarantee the safety and health of you, the other patients and our employees.

To name a few of the extra precautions we are taking: We will plan extra time between patients to disinfect the entire treatment room after each visit, the same applies to all public areas. We plan the agendas to have as few patients as possible simultaneously present in the buildings. This is to prevent unnecessary contact with other people. We offer additional protective equipment/wear to our staff. We will be extra attentive to comply with all protocols and the extra imposed hygiene and infection prevention measures, regulations and guidelines as directed by our professional organisations and government.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and your confidence in our team and look forward to seeing you soon at CPI Amsterdam.